'CHAI-WALA' Arshad Khan Walks on Ramp AT Bridal Couture Week 2016

The most popular 'Chai Wala' of Pakistan, Arshad Khan won instant fame a couple of weeks back when he was discovered by a photographer at a Sunday Bazar. It appeared that after the initial thrust he had gone into oblivion and there was nothing more to his celebrity status.

But the spark of Arshad Khan reignited as he walked the ramp at the Bridal Couture Week on the final day. And in the process showcased a UK based menswear brand, Ziggi.

The brand highlighted their grooms wear under the label "the modern Maharaja". Through his appearance, this cute looking chaiwala created quite a stir. The applause he got was heartwarming.

The initial discovery of Arshad Khan for his association with chai selling now finds him embedded in the fashion world. Already he has won a modelling contract with retail site fitin.pk and his products have been shown in a morning show.

Article taken from: fashioncentral