Noor [Lollywood Actress]

Noor before coming into the movie scene was a model and appeared in a dozen TV ads and commercials including the famous Dalda, Sultan and notably Bio Amla hair oil commercials which made her a recognizable face in the fashion and entertainment world in Pakistan. Noor called it quits from movies quite prematurely due to domestic issues. However, she has returned to TV modeling and currently co-hosts a family show on ARY called Sangam with Muzna Ibrahim. The buxom actress has also made appearances in Pakistani music videos, such as Jawad Ahmed's Dholna.


Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak

Happy Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak to all of you.
May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity on this blessed occasion.
Wishing you and your family on this happy occasion of Eid!
Eid Mubarak!


Rubab - Pakistani Fashion Model


Fayeza Ansari

Pakistani fashion model Fayeza Ansari is one of the Top Pakistani fashion models in the industry, who earned fame within a short duration.


Kaminey (Movie Review)

Vishal Bharadwaj’s film Kaminey tells the story of two twin brothers who hate and avoid each other like plague until life makes their paths cross. The film shows Shahid Kapoor in two different kinds of roles and make ups.

Kaminey has a good story but it hasn’t grabbed so much audience's attention. Vishal Bharadwaj has done a fantastic job as a director. When we talk about Kaminey, it is bold, stark, funny and unpredictable, which is the success outline for a movie. ‘Kaminey’ is not about masala film. Actually it is a well thought and beautifully implemented movie. The story is a lark and Vishal Bharadwaj has fun with it. Along with subtle humor, we are also treated to moments of irony. Priyanka Chopra outdid herself as Sweety. Shrill in anger, squeaky with relief, or tremulous with emotion – she does it all well Kaminey is released on August 14, 2009. Just a day before India’s Independence Day.


Humaima Malik

Sine her teenage Fashion model Humaima Malik has been very conscious and ambitious about her work Fashion model Humaima Malik did Nadiya Mystry's ramp, when she was only 14 years old. Since that time period, Fashion model Humaima Malik is continuously establishing her name in the Fashion industry successfully. The biggest plus point of Fashion model Humaima Malik is that in the international brands such as FAIR AND LOVELY and PEPSI, she was the youngest mode, participated in advertisement.


Sexy Neha Ahmed


Hadiqa back!

Pakistan’s leading female pop singer Hadiqa Kiyani is back after a long break of almost 6 years to publish her new album Aasmaan. Even though Hadiqa Kiyani did not make an album for 6 years but she had been performing with unarguably Pakistan’s best guitarist Amir Zaki.

“I know six years is a big break. But I never walked away from music. I never released an album because I wanted to do a different album, something I have never done before.” said Hadiqa Kiani on the return to the limelight with her brand new album, Aasmaan.

This maybe Hadiqa Kiyani’s first album in six years but Hadiqa Kiyani has been busy doing other things including singing in languages as varied as Chinese, Turkish, Persian and Pushto. The reflections can be heard on the new album.

The new album is dedicated to her son who Hadiqa Kiyani says, “The best thing in my life. Life has changed and gotten better because of him.”


Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is no doubt a woman of excellence, as she is a complete lady. She is super model, actress & host of Pakistan Fashion & Showbiz industry, a dentist by qualification & profession, and most of all a mother of two kids.