Hadiqa back!

Pakistan’s leading female pop singer Hadiqa Kiyani is back after a long break of almost 6 years to publish her new album Aasmaan. Even though Hadiqa Kiyani did not make an album for 6 years but she had been performing with unarguably Pakistan’s best guitarist Amir Zaki.

“I know six years is a big break. But I never walked away from music. I never released an album because I wanted to do a different album, something I have never done before.” said Hadiqa Kiani on the return to the limelight with her brand new album, Aasmaan.

This maybe Hadiqa Kiyani’s first album in six years but Hadiqa Kiyani has been busy doing other things including singing in languages as varied as Chinese, Turkish, Persian and Pushto. The reflections can be heard on the new album.

The new album is dedicated to her son who Hadiqa Kiyani says, “The best thing in my life. Life has changed and gotten better because of him.”